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Q: When is CYC?

A: Camp usually falls on the last week of July. In 2023, CYC will be Wednesday, July 26th to Sunday, July 30th. Please see the Registration Page for further details.

Q: What are the ages of campers allowed to attend CYC?

A: Students must be at least 8 years old on the first day of camp or entering the 3rd grade in the upcoming Fall 2023 school year to attend camp.

Q: Does a child have to be enrolled in Chinese School to attend CYC?

A: No. All children of qualifying age are welcome to attend CYC.
不需要. 所有符合年齡限制的兒童或青少年都歡迎參加 CYC.

Q: How are the campers organized into groups?

A: There are usually 10-12 groups consisting of 18-24 campers, 2 Assistant Counselors, 2 Counselors, and 1 Advisor (adult chaperone). For logistical and optimal learning purposes, campers will be organized by age or grade. We are unable to grant group requests. 

Q: How prepared is the camp staff for medical emergencies?

A: Certified nurses and doctors will be available 24-7 throughout the entire duration of camp.
除此之外, 兩名具有證照的護士將於營隊期間(一星期)在宿舍及活動時全程待命.

Q: How is housing organized?

The campers will be split and housed according to gender. No campers are allowed on the opposite gender’s floor (zero tolerance policy).  Campers will be housed in proximity to their Counselors, Assistant Counselors and Advisor.  We strongly believe in campers making new friends and therefore aim to pair new campers with returning campers. Note, we are unable to grant room requests. 
所有學員會被安排到宿舍. 根據學員性別, 所有學員被分派到不同樓層. 每個學員只能與同性別的其他學員同住. 除此之外, 學員將會與其輔導員, 助理輔導員及督導住在同一個廊區.

Q: How much does camp cost and how do I register?

Please see the Registration Page.
有關費用及註冊程序, 請詳見註冊網頁Registration Page.

Q: What do the fees cover?

Your registration fee covers 5 days and 4 nights of dorm lodging, 3 meals a day plus evening snacks, a rich & culturally immersive class curriculum taught by professional teachers, and fun bonding activities in the evenings designed to teach teamwork and boost your camper’s confidence.  With a ratio of 5-6 camper per Counselor/Staff, we aim to create a safe environment that fosters friendships, creates opportunities for leadership, and reminds the next generation of our cultural heritage.

Many of the CYC 2023 Volunteer Officer Team have known each other since their childhood CYC days and were grouped together!  We believe in the magic of CYC.

If you have more questions, please submit your question to be posted and answered either through our CONTACT PAGE or email us at [email protected].

如果您有任何問題 , 請經由我們的聯絡網頁CONTACT PAGE 或藉由電子信箱[email protected]與我們聯繫.

Wait List FAQ:
If registration is closed, does that mean I cannot attend camp?
Spots do open up if a registered camper can no longer attend camp. Please complete the Wait List Form ASAP if you are interested!
What do I do after I complete the Wait List Form?
Once you complete the Wait List Form, you will receive a confirmation email acknowledging the receipt of your submission. You will not need to do anything further unless you are contacted by our Registrar about an open spot at camp. Our Staff work full time outside of camp and openings are outside the Staff control. Please do not call or message to ask if spots are opening up.
When will the Registrar contact me if there is an open spot?
Our Registrar will only contact Wait List applicants ONCE a spot opens up. We cannot give you a time you will be contacted as we will not know ahead of time.
If I pay ASAP, do I automatically get a spot to camp?
No, you will not be able to complete your payment unless a spot opens up and our Registrar contacts you. Attempting to pay without an open spot will render your registration invalid, and your payment will be refunded.
I’ve been going to camp every year! I can’t miss it this year! Can I get priority since I’m a returning camper?
To be fair to all applicants, the opportunity to register will be given in the order of the Wait List Form.
My friend has registered for camp, but can no longer attend. Can I skip to the front of the Wait List and take his/her spot at camp?
No, registrations are non-transferrable.  Registered spots cannot be swapped with other siblings, relatives, or friends who are on the Wait List.
If I donate money to CYC, will that increase my chances into camp? Does any amount of donation guarantee a spot at camp?
No amount of donation will guarantee a camper spot as we believe all campers should be given a fair opportunity to attend camp.

CYC is completely volunteer run by a group of young professionals who attended CYC years ago and came back to volunteer for the love of camp.  

Due to the fact our managers, teachers, and staff all work full time, we thank you for your understanding and patience when communicating with us during the work week.  Please leave us a detailed message (email preferred), and we will do our best to get to you ASAP!

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