Counselor / AC Application

CYC 2023 C/AC Applications are now closed!

Counselors and Assistant Counselors lead the campers throughout the week of camp. From ensuring basic safety to getting campers to class on time, Counselors and ACs bond with their campers to create priceless memories!

Our Counselors and ACs are taught leadership, communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution skills that we believe build confidence and are invaluable in life. Besides being an essential part of helping CYC run smoothly and safely, CYC Counselors and ACs form a bond unlike any other and, more importantly, have tons of fun!

What is CYC looking for?

We are looking for enthusiastic and responsible individuals who have a team-player mentality and a desire to develop their leadership skills. The ideal candidates will help CYC carry out our values— Heritage, Leadership, and Friendship. In addition, Mandarin Chinese comprehension is helpful, but not mandatory!

If you are selected, you must:

  1. Help move inventory before and after camp.
  2. Call campers and families to go over camp rules prior to camp.
  3. Attend the entire training the weekend of July 8-9 in Houston. Due to the importance of training to prepare for camp duties, set expectations, and bond with your fellow group C/ACs, attendance is mandatory for everyone.
  4. Attend camp a day early.
  5. Ride the bus to and from camp.
  6. Be present the entirety of camp.

How to Apply:

  1. To be eligible, you must at least 15 years of age or an incoming high school sophomore. This year, we are opening up counselor and assistant counselor positions to anyone up to age 20 or incoming college junior.
  2. Complete the Counselor / AC application by February 10.
  3. Attend a virtual interview on March 4, 5, 11, or 12. Interview slots will be assigned on a first come, first served basis, so don’t wait to apply!

Counselors and ACs are required to pay camp fees upfront and will be eligible to receive volunteer service hours at the conclusion of camp. Don’t forget, CYC camp leaders can be tapped for referrals and references as you apply for colleges or internships!

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Please see important dates below:

  • January 23: Counselor/Assistant Counselor Application open
  • February 10: Counselor/Assistant Counselor Application close
  • March 4, 5, 11, 12: Counselor/AC Interviews (virtual)
  • May 1: C/AC Results will be posted as soon as possible but no later than May 1
  • July 8-9: Counselor/Assistant Counselor Training (in-person)
  • Late July: CYC 2023
  • Early August: CYC Reunion