Registration Wait List


For more information, please read through the CYC 2022 Registration Information Packet for all steps and information regarding registration.

CYC 2022 Required Forms

To ensure safety and the optimal camper experience, CYC Registration will close once we hit maximum capacity.  At that time, the Wait List form will be made available on our website.

  • We encourage all campers to sign up for the Wait List Form ASAP. 
  • The Wait List Form is on a first come, first serve basis. 
  • As spots open up, campers at the top of the wait list will be given further instructions via email to submit the Waiver Forms and complete payment. 
  • You will have 3 days to complete all steps before you forfeit the opportunity to register.

We’re sorry to hear you missed registration!  Spots do become available when a registered camper can no longer attend camp.  However, as we do not control when/if this happens, please do not call or email staff regarding your status.  Thank you for your understanding.

*Please note: Once it is likely that spots will not open, we will contact those remaining on the wait list via email.

Wait List FAQ:

If registration is closed, does that mean I cannot attend camp?
No, but spots for camp will only open up if a registered camper can no longer attend camp. Please complete the Wait List Form ASAP if you are interested!
What do I do after I complete the Wait List Form?
Once you complete the Wait List Form, you will receive a confirmation email. You will not need to do anything further unless you are contacted by our Registrar about an open spot at camp. Our staff works full time outside of camp, so please do not call, email, or message to ask if spots are opening up.
When will the Registrar contact me if there is an open spot?
Our Registrar will only contact Wait List applicants in the order of their application ONCE a spot opens up. We cannot give you a guaranteed time you will be contacted as we will not know ahead of time.
If I pay ASAP, do I automatically get a spot to camp?
No, our payment process is directly linked to the Waiver Forms and PayPal Payment. You will not receive these documents unless a spot opens up and our Registrar contacts you. Attempting to pay without an open spot will render your registration invalid and your payment will be refunded.
I’ve been going to camp every year! I can’t miss it this year! Can I get priority since I’m a returning camper?
No, while we understand your concerns, to be fair to all applicants, the opportunity to register will be given in the order of the Wait List Form.
My friend has registered for camp, but can no longer attend. Can I skip to the front of the Wait List and take his/her spot at camp?
No, while this may be easier for you and your friend, registered spots cannot be swapped with other siblings, relatives, or friends who are on the Wait List. We have many campers who want to attend camp and we cannot give any exceptions other than doing what is fair and right, so we will be going in the order of the Wait List.
If I donate money to CYC, will that increase my chances into camp? Does any amount of donation guarantee a spot at camp?
No, unfortunately, no amount of donation will guarantee a camper spot as we believe all campers should be given a fair opportunity to attend camp. We appreciate your support and willingness to donate as the generosity and support of individuals like you. With your help we can keep costs low for campers while providing a high quality of programming year after year.