Camper Registration Payment – NO BUS

If you received an email about being added to CYC registration via the wait list, you have FIVE days to complete TWO steps to be officially considered registered for CYC:

  1. Complete Payment.  Options below.
  2. Fill out the UT forms sent via Docusign
    1. A) Once we receive your payment, you will get a payment confirmation email and a separate email to fill out UT forms via the company Docusign.  Please check your spam to make sure you receive both emails.
    2. B) You must fill out the Docusign forms for UT to be considered registered.


Due to some issues we had with our new payment system in the first round of registration, we will now be reverting back to PayPal.  The PayPal payment method will include a 3% convenience fee, but this method is the fastest way to ensure payment accuracy and speed.

Select how many campers within the same family you are registering for

  • 1 Camper = $550 (camper fee) + 3% Convenience Fee = $566.50
  • 2 Siblings = $550 + $520 + 3% Convenience Fee = $1102.10
  • 3 Siblings = $550 + $520 + $490 +3% Convenience Fee = $1606.80
  • 4 Siblings = $550+ $520 + $490 + $460 +3% Convenience Fee = $2080.60
  • Amounts include 3% Convenience Fee
  • Please Note:  Sibling discounts only apply to children registering for CYC 2018 that are in the same immediate family. Campers who incorrectly select discounts in which they do not qualify will immediately relinquish their registration.

How many campers are you paying for?
List ALL Camper Names


We understand if you prefer not to pay the convenience fee.  We can accept a MAILED check to the following address:

Houston Chinese Youth Camp |  6918 Corporate Drive, Suite A3, Houston, TX 77036

  1. We do NOT accept dropped off checks as there is no CYC staff at this location.
  2. Please see the chart below to see how much you owe.
    • You can combine siblings and bus fees into one check, but please double check to make sure you send the right amount.
    • If you are unsure of the amount, email [email protected].
    • Please take a PHOTO of the envelope the SAME DAY you mail out your check and email it to [email protected] so we know to expect it.  We must RECEIVE your check within 5 days of you receiving a payment request.
    • If we receive the wrong amount of fees, your child/children will not be eligible for CYC and we will not deposit your check.