The Team

If you’re interested in volunteering, donating or supporting CYC in ANY way, please contact us at [email protected]!

Let’s grow CYC back like it was in the glory days. Maybe we won’t have 14 groups of 28 kids and 6 counselors and ACs, and maybe parents don’t need to line up at 5am the morning of registration to get their kids into CYC, BUT, we can work on:

1) Reducing Camper fees so that the kids who need it the most can attend CYC
2) Increasing Camper turnout so that we can touch and impact more kids!
3) Increase funding and supplies so we can make CYC the best it can be!

More sponsorships and funding means a yo yo or fan for every kid so that every camper can perform at closing ceremonies. It means more pages in the yearbook so that every camper can show their parents what they did at camp. It means more server space so we can eventually host photos and videos from every group on our website!

Thanks to every single volunteer, sponsor, parent, camper, teacher, AC and counselor who has support CYC throughout the years. Thanks to every parent and camper who has told another family about CYC so that we can continue to grow. Let’s keep it up!

CYC 2012 – Awesome team this year!

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