“CYC really changed me. I was always really scared to meet new people or stand up in front of a group of people and talk. I was a shy guy. The way that people accepted me for who I was really helped my confidence. I wouldn’t be the same person without CYC.”

– Alec Chi | Counselor | CYC 2012

“我愛CYC. This is the place we learn about our culture. This is the place where we meet other people just like us. This is the place where we meet our FRIENDS FOR LIFE. Return every year because I want future generations to experience the same things that I did when I was growing up. And I want them to meet THEIR friends for life. It is the greatest joy and satisfaction to see the children connect with new friends and grow. Year after year. And I love them.”

 – Shanna Chang | Advisor | CYC 2012

“I was just a lost girl who finally felt accepted.”

– Daisy Brown | Camper | CYC 2012

“Big or small, loud or quiet, CYC brings everyone closer!”

– Ping Liao | Advisor | CYC 2012

“…this was absolutely the best year I have had in my 7 years at camp, not only because I was an assistant counselor but also because of the friendships I had created and built, as well as the memories made that I will cherish and never forget. This year was just simply amazing.”

– Alan Ueng | Assistant Counselor | 2012

“I love CYC because It made me who I am today. Thanks to CYC, I found my calling of becoming a teacher!=D”

– Jennifer Liu | Advisor | CYC 2012

“Personally, I realized that the reason I found so much comfort and joy in coming to camp was that I struggled with insecurities outside of CYC. For example, at school, I felt segregated from my Caucasian friends and often wished that I could be like them, just “normal and white”, like every one else. But, what kept me coming back for the next 7 years was that feeling of comfort, and knowing that there are other individuals out there that are in a similar place in their lives that I am.

– Caroline Yeh | Counselor | 2012

“I love CYC because this one-week we spend together as a CYC family positively impacts EVERYONE more than their other commitments that last all year. I love watching the kids grow fro the shy kid to the most lively ballroom dancer, the most  頑皮 kid to a top counselor, CYC has given me 15 years of lessons, laughter and lots of love, hopefully I’ll be here 15 more!”

– Stephanie Chen | Advisor | CYC 2012

“I finally have the time to sit down and think back what happened this past week. This was my best year at camp. This was a very touching year to remember. Some of you might think Chinese Youth Camp (CYC) is all about culture. Well, to me it all means friendship. It is a place where different types of people come together and make new friend.

The first year that I started I didn’t know any Chinese. And there were a lot of friendly people that would translate for me. At the end of camp my mom asked me “Why is everyone crying?” I said everyone felt that they were part of a big family and they didn’t want to leave. And this is the year that I will never forget what happen at camp.

– Lucille Chan | Camper | 2012

“12 years of CYC has taught me a lot. I found that singing Chinese songs can make me cry, I can function on 4 hrs of sleep, and I can survive off of ramen and cookies for a week. But more than anything, I found that camp gave me the confidence to be me. I found myself at CYC.”

– Jennifer Ma | Advisor | CYC 2012

“When I was younger, I was timid, afraid of speaking out, even if it was just to order food at Chick-fil-A. When I first went to CYC, everyone had already established long friendships and I felt like the odd one out. During my second year of CYC I finally made a friend, mostly because I was sick of being left out and I could feel that other quiet girl was just like me–she had been forced to attend camp and had not made any friends yet.

Now, two years later, we are still best friends. Even though at first we were both reserved, we can now be some of the loudest people in the auditorium. CYC is a place I will always keep coming back to in order to meet new people.”

– Anita Liu | Counselor | 2012

“I love CYC because of the bonds I have formed during this week. I had the opportunity to catch up with old friends and serve as a mentor to a group of great individuals. These bonds are the ones I know will last and I will cherish it forever.”

– Chris Lin | Advisor | CYC 2012

“CYC is all about the life-long friendships made. Some of my fondest memories were made at camp. Who knew just one week a year would have such a profound impact! Rock on CYC!”

– Gloria Luu | Advisor | CYC 2012