Counselor / AC Application

APPLICATIONS for Counselors / ACs are now closed. Please see below for more information.

Please read the following information regarding Counselor / AC positions at CYC!

Counselors and Assistant Counselors lead the campers throughout the week of camp. From ensuring basic safety to getting campers to class on time, Counselors and ACs bond with each other and their campers to create priceless memories!

Our Counselors and ACs are taught leadership, communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution skills that we believe build confidence and are invaluable in school and in life.  Besides being an essential part of helping CYC run smoothly and safely, CYC Counselors and ACs form a bond unlike any other and, more importantly, have tons of fun!

To be eligible to be Counselor / AC, you must:

  1. Be at least 15 years of age. This year, we are opening up counselor and assistant counselor positions to college sophomores, but please be aware that priority will go to high school students.
  2. Complete the Counselor / AC application by January 31st.
  3. Complete registration, Waiver Forms, AND PAY for CYC (Camper + Bus fee) from February 10th – February 15th. ALL APPLICANTS will need to register (including college applicants). **NOTE**: It is crucial that you complete your registration prior to the opening of general registration. Applying as C/AC does not guarantee you a spot at CYC. As such, you must complete registration by February 15th.
  4. Attend Pre-Interview Workshop on March 3rd or March 9th.
  5. Attend an interview on March 31st , April 6th, or April 7th. Interview slots will be assigned on a first come, first served basis, so don’t wait to apply!
  6. Complete an open book quiz over the CYC Handbook during the group portion of your interview slot.   If you are unable to attend an in person interview and are opting for a phone interview, the link to the quiz will be sent to you via email after April 7th Click on the link for a copy of the CYC 2018 Handbook.

What is cyc looking for?

CYC is looking for enthusiastic individuals who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone! Counselors and ACs are taught and evaluated against four main categories: Leadership, Behavior Management, Teamwork & Communication, and putting Campers 1st. See the C/AC Evaluation Form for details regarding each category.

Application scoring:

  1. Pre-Interview Workshop – 40 pts
  2. Interview – 40pts
  3. Handbook Quiz – 20pts

The Pre-Interview Workshop is mandatory for all applicants residing in Houston and all first time applicants residing out of the city. It is in YOUR BEST INTEREST to attend as you will be receiving helpful interviewing tips as well as getting the chance to show us (rather than just tell us) why you should be a C/AC. However, we understand that for out of city/state applicants, this may not be feasible. In such instances, CYC will send you the workshop resource materials, and your interview score will be counted as double.

PLEASE NOTE:  During the C/AC application process, we are often asked the question – “What if I can’t make the date for workshops, interviews, training, this one day at camp?  Can you make an exception?” Unfortunately, the answer is no, we cannot make an exception. Doing so would:

  • Put a strain on the C/AC team during the week of camp as the applicant is less prepared
  • Be unfair to the other applicants who prioritize their time to attend mandatory events
  • Create a burden on the volunteer staff who give up weekends to run the curriculum.

CYC understands that high school students have many competing opportunities during the summer such as band/dance camp, SAT classes, summer internships, travel abroad. We encourage them to explore all the options and do what it is best for them! To try accommodate this, we begin planning for next year’s camp as soon as possible so that camp dates as well as application dates of workshops, interviews, and training are known well in advance. Our volunteer team dedicate themselves to the leadership pillar of CYC by putting in time and effort into making these free workshops and interviews available. It requires a commitment in expenses by CYC to rent space and pay for printing of materials. It is our investment in the future generation of leaders at no cost to the applicants, and in return we ask for their commitment to this application process.

If you are selected, you must:

  1. Attend the entire two day training on July 6th and July 7th. Due to the importance of training to prepare for camp duties, set expectations, and bond with your fellow group C/ACs, attendance is mandatory for everyone. If an applicant cannot make training but has been a C/AC before, they are able to get the position that they have had previous experience (i.e. a previous counselor can make counselor and previous AC can make AC) or have had more than one year of experience (i.e. an applicant who has served as AC two years is able to make counselor).
  2. Call campers and families to go over camp rules two weeks before camp.
  3. Help move inventory the weekend before camp and the weekend after camp.
  4. Attend camp a day early.
  5. Be present the entire week of camp.
  6. Potentially attend a retreat at a date TBD.



Counselors and ACs will pay camp fees upfront, and a portion will be awarded back as a scholarship at the end of camp pending a performance evaluation.  They are also eligible to receive 80 hours of volunteer service hours towards college applications for those who request it. Don’t forget, CYC camp leaders can be tapped for referrals and references as you apply for college!


If you have any questions, please contact us at

Please see important dates below:

  • January 5 – January 31, 2019: Counselor/Assistant Counselor Application open
  • February 10 – February 15, 2019: Counselor/Assistant Counselor Registration open
  • February 10 – March 9, 2019: Financial Aid Application open
  • February 16: Camper Registration open (Open until capacity is reached).
  • March 3 or March 9: Counselor/AC Pre-Interview Workshop
  • March 31, April 6, or April 7: Counselor/AC Interviews
  • April – May: C/AC Results will be posted as soon as possible but no later than the end of May.
  • June: Counselor/AC Group Specific Training
  • July 6 and July 7: Counselor/Assistant Counselor Training
  • July 21 – July 27: CYC 2019 at McNeese State University
  • August 10: CYC Reunion